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8 best school management software in India

To stand in the era of continuous growth and challenge of the education sector, it has become mandatory for all educational institutions to implement educational ERP. School management software is a must in the changing times. Takes care of all campus activities related to students. Not only does it make things easy and accurate, but it also saves a lot of time and money. However, it will depend on the management software you choose. An ERP system for schools can be chosen based on the requirements of the schools. This can be determined based on various factors as mentioned and needed by the institute.

It is very important for the institute to conduct market research and find out the main educational ERP software providers, who offer the best solutions as per the client’s requirements. Here is a list of top 8 ERP schools that offer the best solutions for educational organizations.

It is not easy to find the best school management system and hence, with a thorough research below are the most reliable and best available on the online platform.

1) Videna:

Fedena is a cloud-based ERP. It is a single platform available to manage all school activities. It is a comprehensive school programme. Fedena, handles all student information. As per the requirements of the school, they provide collaboration tools and cover all the various activities of the institute as well, which includes campus news and management of various events in the institute.

2) SMS:

School management software is an educational ERP software that focuses on building competencies at a reduced cost. Being easy to use, this program helps students and teachers to simplify all the functions that the school performs. School ERP offers various modules which include admission, fees, exams, attendance, e-learning, library management, etc. This cloud based school ERP provides enhanced efficiency with seamless planning of operations. Provides complete data security with an encrypted database. The system also provides backup via a suitable CD or drive. It is the most secure and flexible ERP system ever. SMS provides 24-hour online and offline support for customers.

3) SchoolPro:

Schoolpro is a web based school management and grade analytics system. The ERP program is designed according to the CBSE syllabus. Provides a secure enterprise login, which keeps data secure and avoids any third party breach. This software provides various modules to effectively manage all the activities of the school campus. Schoopro is making the school schedule open to the public. It also works as per the requirements of the Institute.

4) MySchool:

MySchool is a simple online management platform for schools. Helps the institute to improve its management. It also makes the administrative part efficient and saves time. This school management system can be designed according to the needs of the organization. Not only is it cost effective, but it takes less time to learn how to handle it. Provides round-the-clock support.

5) EduERP School Management Software:

This is the one in all packages. EduERP provides everything on one platform. Provides administration, logistics and infrastructure under one roof. ERP offers a range of solutions, including front desk business. Front desk work is work that students want to make available on the online platform; The front desk job takes up most of the student’s time. Besides front desk options, ERP also provides assistance with student management, campus management, and administration. It is a unique education and training governance system, providing 24/7 support.

6) Abilene:

Aplin is a simple and easy to use ERP system. It is a complete cloud-based ERP software. ERP is customized with advanced modules. It also generates report cards according to patterns accepted by the school. The software also tracks the progress of the students and keeps the students informed by means of SMS and emails. In a developed world like this, it’s a point that may help most schools and parents of students keep track of progress.

7) HDSchool:

HDSchool not only offers proper management to schools but also the same to various training institutions. It also acquaints students with ID cards. School management software takes care of the office function and administration together, which makes it easy for the institute both the school and the training institutions to keep track of the students. HDSchool makes students a priority and works in the same direction.

8) EduWare:

EduWare is a complete ERP system for school management. It tracks all the activities the school does right from cultural events to exams. ERP system provides all modern day facilities, which include administration, fee collection and attendance system. The program also provides SMS and email alerts.

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