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Diversity in education concepts and curricula – book review

Are you interested in a future in teaching, education administration, or becoming a social worker or school psychologist, there is a book I would recommend you read, after which I would like to give you a more than fair assessment of this work.

Multicultural education in a pluralistic society. by DonnaM.

This book was very interesting to me, it was first published in 1983, and it has been upgraded and republished every few years since. I felt as if the book was difficult to use because it has an introduction before the table of contents, which makes it very difficult to navigate. The introduction is very good and explains how to format the book.

Once in the book, it is very easy to follow, even the most stupid fool can use and understand this book. Perhaps, this is the target reader; At least that’s the impression I got, and speaking of impression, I think this book is trying to brainwash an “education student” who has an impressionable mind, and that’s my opinion based on reading it.

In fact, as the coordinator of an Internet think tank, I was really worried that such books were already being used to train and educate new teachers and undergraduate professionals, students who would enter the teaching profession as administrators, professors, psychologists, and so on. There are chapters on social class, race, homosexuality, diversity, gender, religion, and age. There are sub chapters like; hate groups

racial identification


Respect my self

sexual harassment

Anyway, you get an idea of ​​what this great book is about, unfortunately after reading it all I decided I didn’t have room on my many bookshelves for it. And I chose not to donate it to a thrift store, and I failed to trash it—it went straight to the trash. But I think this is a great book for the neo-liberal socialist. And I recommend that you read this book so that you can understand how all this political correctness permeated our society and how it began in academia.

This book also has everything duplicated and duplicated on CD with videos, played in every chapter. I suppose this is for those in academia who can’t read very well, yet may still be teaching our children and our children. See, anyone serious about teaching needs to understand how it all works, and what it’s about, even if you don’t agree with every aspect of it. That is why I read the book, and duly came out where I think it belongs. Please consider this.

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