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Education fairs in North East India

Do you want additional information about educational options in Northeast India? Most students are usually well versed in what they are interested in as a career by the time they finish their education. However, times change quickly and new occupations always come into play. These new jobs are usually in high demand and they pay more for inexperienced candidates. Education fairs are the best way to learn about emerging professions and most major cities regularly host student fairs from May to June. Education fairs are particularly popular in Northeast India where more than 90% of the population is educated and interested in postgraduate education. Students are also interested in leaving the Northeast to find a better quality of life and higher paying jobs. For North East India, we have prepared a list of invaluable and educational galleries.

Global Gurukul – Event management company Blueprint holds this fair in North East India every year. The exhibition is held in more than 15 cities and the exhibition aims to provide quality education under one roof. Students can get admission to the fairs or they can browse the different courses to find the one they like. The number of colleges in the exhibition varies, but it is expected that the number of colleges in the exhibition will be more than 200 in the next three years.

Eduquest – This is a very popular and well-known educational fair that takes place in North East India. The fair is organized to showcase colleges in South India and colleges from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Punjab participate every year. The gallery also organizes course-specific exhibitions such as the MBA Gallery which is very popular with North East students.

Lynchpin – This event management company hosts popular educational fairs in North East India. Their annual Edufest festival is held every year and has proven to be a popular fair in North East India since the last 11 years. The fair showcases more than 400 educational institutes and career options. The fair is held right after the final exams in April, making it easier for students to attend and choose a job. Common venues include Shillong, Guwahati, Aizawl, Agartala and Imphal and the fair sponsors over 2.8 students from all over the North East. This fair only showcases educational institutions and career options, but the EDU-OPTIONS fair that takes place from May to July allows students to find and gain admission to the colleges they are looking for. In 2012, over 900 students were awarded admission directly upon admission, making this one of the most popular admission fairs in the state. Of course there are many seasonal fairs held each year in the area and we advise you to do a Google search to find the best and newest fairs.

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