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Education is the basis of success

For a long time, it was the norm for most parents to insist that their children go to school. They will work hard to keep them in school. The idea is that with a good education, the child will have a good job and a secure future.

Unfortunately, they don’t notice that most of the things taught in schools are old and have little or nothing to do with the future. The rules of the game of life are changing. Getting a good formal education does not guarantee financial freedom or a secure future anymore. We now live in a rapidly changing world with ever-changing rules and ideas about almost everything.

For a modern educational system to be relevant, it must include financial and entrepreneurial savvy with a good dose of investment or awareness mentality. A student while in school must be equipped to be an employee and employer upon graduation.

Mergers and acquisitions, layoffs, automation, downsizing, downsizing, global economic meltdown and the like are terms we are all familiar with. This has caused a lot of pain for individuals and families. The education system should prepare people to think about their future, including life after retirement and old age. The pension system has failed, but we live in a world where spending is emphasized at the expense of saving. Unfortunately, the financial institutions that are supposed to help you develop a culture of saving will encourage you to fall into the credit trap while CEOs engage in juggling by the books to support their extravagant and sometimes ludicrous lifestyles.

Today, we have many rich and successful people who have not received a formal education in the true sense of the word. They abound in the world of entertainment and business, in science and technology and other areas of human endeavor. One thing is for sure. Find out what they were good at or what they were passionate about and spend quality time honing their skills. They have learned the principles of investment and wealth creation all along the line. Some of them, like Bill Gates, have amassed enormous wealth.

It is said that if you are not aware, you cannot be in flow and if you are not informed, you are distorted. If you are a parent, invest some time to discover what your children are good at. You may not have them all in the formal sector as some of them may have their mission in an informal setting.


You can have both excellent and bad life…. Percy Walker

Knowledge is the true organ of sight, not the eyes… Panchatantra

Education is the movement from darkness to light ….. Alan Bloom

A child who is only educated in school is an uneducated child…. George Santayana

Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity……… Aristotle

If the Romans had had to learn Latin, they would not have had time to conquer the world…… Heinrich Heine

The education system isn’t worth much if it teaches young people how to make a living but not how to make a life…. Author Unknown

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